Friday, February 5, 2010

General Topics

Hey Folks,

Our brand new website is just about finished.

Be sure to check out for info on our Fishing Camp.


  1. For cabin bookings please phone us at 306-426-2100 as we need more info to reserve cabins and each cabin is different in layout and availability.
    Richard & Shelly Lawrence
    Rainbow Lodge

  2. Rich,

    Just to let you know (you're probably aware but in case you are not) your website address has expired. I liked the site and if you were wanting to maintian it I thought I would mention it was no longer valid.

  3. Too bad, since a website could have shown me what I was booking, what the accommodations were like, and given me the reason to call. Without that very basic information, I'll probably keep looking. I'm fine making my bookings via phone rather than online, but in this day and age I expect to see what the place is like before I go much farther.